Renegade Research

Renegade Research empowers chronic illness patients through collaborative research and innovative self experimentation. Our mission is centered on pioneering accessible patient-led efforts to uncover scientific insights and improve overall quality of life for our global community. 

We are a citizen science, patient-led, philanthropically funded, decentralized research organization. Open source, power to and from the patients is the guiding force.

[And we’re also a bunch of renegades.]

Life handed us lemons, and we didn’t just make lemonade, we turned our experiences into a new way of solving problems for our community. 

We welcome collaboration with other patient led organizations, non academic researchers as well as traditional academic researchers.

decentralized science

‍This is a decentralized model for advancing research that taps into the power of patient expertise and is able to work outside of systems that have traditionally been unable to test multiple interventions at the same time, require massive infrastructure investments, and move too slowly for patients who have lost their independence and quality of life. 

We recognize that many researchers are frustrated with their own limitations and are excited to tap into how we can collectively move the solutions for our patient community forward, faster. 

We’re currently running numerous projects, but our largest and most visible is Remission Biome. For more information on our organization and our other citizen science projects please visit our soon to be update website.