Clinicians Resources

We consider Clinicians our partners in our mission to improve the quality of life for patients with ME/CFS, Long COVID, and other infection associated chronic illnesses. Patients often go years without diagnosis and sort through numerous providers who want to help, but have not been trained on the complexity of these conditions.

We have created two ways to support you in supporting your patients.

The Protocol For Use With Your Patients

Our Remission Biome Protocol is evolving as we continue to self-experiment with your support. The protocol is intended to help your patients stabilize and potentially experience a baseline increase with your supervision.


Clinicians Roundtables

We are deeply grateful for providers like you, who’s interest in our conditions drive you to invest your precious time to understand treatment approaches. This is why we are holding roundtables, where clinicians who have been successful at managing these conditions, and improving their patient’s quality of life will discuss their approach.

As a clinician in attendance, you can benefit from this expertise and have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your current experience. The goal of these sessions is to expand the pool of clinicians treating these conditions and ultimately benefiting patients and influencing guidelines.

Structure of Clinician’s Roundtables:


Join Us For Our Next Roundtable!

You can see our list of upcoming Clinician’s Roundtables here and register.

Structure of Clinicians Roundtables:


  • Provide a dedicated forum for practicing clinicians globally engaged in the treatment of post-infectious chronic illness and those who want to better serve this patient population.
  • Support you in helping you address the grave shortage of clinicians who are equipped to treat ME/CFS, Long COVID, and infection associated chronic illness by providing you the support and resources you need to serve your patients.
  • Collaborative platform designed to facilitate the presentation of diverse clinical approaches, foster discussions on individual cases, and encourage the exchange of best practices.
  • Clinicians participating in this roundtable will have the opportunity to share their experiences, insights, and strategies in managing complex post-infectious conditions.
  • To cultivate a collective knowledge base that can positively impact patient outcomes.
  • By bringing together a community of experts, the roundtable aims to enhance the understanding of effective clinical practices, ultimately contributing to improved care for individuals navigating the challenges of post-infectious chronic illness.


  • Fridays (1-2 times per month) at 1:00-2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (we may offer some talks on Saturdays).
  • Zoom 90 Minutes.
  • ~60 Minutes for topic presentation.
  • ~30 minutes for roundtable discussion - questions from clinicians in attendance will be prioritized.


  • Primary Audience: Clinicians who want to serve the ME/CFS and Long COVID patient population.
  • Secondary Audience: Patients who want to bring speaker’s information to their providers to improve their care and organizations working on infection associated chronic illness.

Possible Presentation Topics from Speakers:

  • Treatment approach tree.
  • What every patient should be evaluated for.
  • Case presentation - 1-2 cases that demonstrate how treatment within the speaker’s approach improved quality of life and reduced symptom load.
  • What the speaker’s think every clinician treating patients with ME/CFS, Long COVID or other infection associated chronic illness should know about the speaker’s specialty/experience when considering their patients.
  • Specific specialties and topics: Will range from general management of complex chronic illness to common comorbidities such as MCAS, ME Spine, POTS, Dysautonomia, pathogens - viral, bacterial, fungal, translating research into clinical practice, and more.

Educational Resources:

  • Talks will be recorded and shared within a clinician community online portal
  • Enables clinicians to enter the talks at whatever point to get caught up or go back to talks that they want to reference.
  • Posted resources and guides for you to reference that speakers have provided.