Researchers Resources

What would we do without Researchers obsessively working towards solving the most pressing issues of our complex medical mysteries? We want to support your work, collaborate, and make progress together.

We are creating a way to tap into underutilized research assets, the extensive patient community. And then to collaborate with all the stakeholders that bring valuable research insights to the table.

Resources To Advance Research

Access to our Patient Daily Tracking
We will be sharing our extensive anonymous (we have strict data privacy policies) patient daily symptom and function tracking with aligned researchers. We hope to create an asset that we understand has been missing for our condition.

Access to our Protocol Results Data & Hypothesis Updates
We will be sharing the results of our protocol & updates to our hypothesis as it evolves. We welcome your feedback, analysis and use of our results to help spark your next hypothesis for study.

Clinician’s Roundtables
We welcome you to join our Clinician focused roundtables to look at how research and clinical care intersect.

Research Roundtables
Join us to discuss scientific ideas related to our project. These vary from specific topic presentations with discussion or to open format, drop in with what is interesting to you right now related to our project.

Collaborative Opportunities
Let’s work together to bridge gaps. Together we can leverage the power of collaborative projects between traditional academic research structures and responsive patient-led research to advance results for patients.

Patient Experience To Speed Your Work
A structure for you to tap directly in patient wisdom and experience to positively influence your work. We recognize most of you understand that there is nothing that can replicate first hand patient experience of living with ME/CFS or Long COVID.


Connect With Us

Are you a researcher interested in collaboration with us, sharing data, speaking at one of our events, or gaining insights from our patient community? We’d love to connect with you.