Want To Speak At A Future Event?

We are honored to have you consider sharing your expertise with our community. 

Our last speaker event brought in nearly 500 registrants and we expect to grow rapidly this year. You can expect between 50-100 live attendees and …more here…

Difference Between Clinician Roundtables, Research Roundtables & Educational Seminars

Clinician Roundtables

  • Bringing in speakers to help you learn more about your illness and common comorbidities.
  • Facilitating clinician’s roundtables to help educate more healthcare providers to help you and you’re invited to join and invite your clinicians and bring them what you learn.
  • Developing patient resources to help you navigate your chronic illness journey.
  • We have negotiated discounts we can offer our entire community for tests and supplements.

Research Roundtables

  • Speakers - anyone researching topics related to our project.
  • Primary audience - patient researchers, researchers who are interested in the Remission Biome project.
  • Presentation Format - Sometimes it is open roundtable discussion, sometimes a short presentation (20 minutes) with open forum after.
  • Times vary and we expect to host these every two weeks. 

Educational Seminars

  • Speakers - Clinicians, Researchers, Patient Researchers with expertise in subjects of interest to patients with ME, LC, Chronic Illness & common comorbidities. 
  • Primary audience - Patients with ME, LC, Complex Chronic Illness within our RB, RR and extended community. 
  • Secondary audience - anyone in our extended community with an interest in the topic. 
  • Presentation talk format ~30-60 minutes - switches to Roundtable conversation with clinicians (preference given to clinician questions, comments) for ~30 minutes.
  • Times according to the speaker's schedule - with preference for 9am -11 am PST window Monday-Friday. 

Types of Presentations We’re Looking For

  • Subject 101
  • Treatment approach tree for the whole patient or a specific comorbidity
  • Why every patient with ME/CFS, Long Covid, other post infectious chronic illnesses should be evaluated for (topic). 
  • Case presentation - 1-2 cases that demonstrate how treatment within my speciality improved function, quality of life and reduced symptom load. 
  • What you think every clinician treating patients with ME/CFS, Long Covid or other complex chronic illness should know about your specialty/experience when considering their patients.
  • Research updates

If you're interested to speak at one of our events, please contact us through our form.