Remission Biome is for YOU!

Remission Biome, a patient-led project, is here to help people with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Long COVID to potentially achieve a higher baseline in function and improve your quality of life. We won’t abandon you. Everything we do is for YOU.

creating resources

In addition to the protocol, we are gathering resources for our community to assist you in our collective goal of helping you achieve a higher baseline in function and improve your quality of life. Most of us experience significant barriers to care and are left to manage our own complex cases. Beside testing and improve the protocol for public use, we are:

  • Bringing in speakers to help you learn more about your illness and common comorbidities.
  • Facilitating clinician’s roundtables to help educate more healthcare providers to help you and you’re invited to join and invite your clinicians and bring them what you learn.
  • Developing patient resources to help you navigate your chronic illness journey.
  • We have negotiated discounts we can offer our entire community for tests and supplements. We are working on a resource tool to share with you so that you can find discounts available to you in your region. Sign up for our mailing list for the invite once we’re ready to share it!

More Resources Coming Soon!

Please join our email list and community to stay in the loop as we start to release more of the resources we are working on.