Join A Future Protocol Group

Are you a person with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and/or Long COVID and want to try the Remission Biome protocol? You’re in the right place to determine if this is a potential good fit for you and what your next steps would be. 

If you’re a clinician looking for more information on supervising your patients doing the protocol, we have a page for you here.

Protocol Group in Progress

Right now we have a group of 50 people with varying degrees of severity and years of illness testing the protocol together. We’re doing this inside community with peer-to-peer support and the support of peers with more experience having success with the protocol.

community support

We’re collecting data to determine if we see trends on who the protocol works best for, if some groups need to spend more time and more focus on Stage 1 (the Pre-Protocol Baseline Optimization Stage) before moving into the full protocol, and if we need to make some changes to make the protocol have a higher likelihood of of success for everyone.


Find answers to common questions about participating in Remission Biome protocol.

When Will New People Get To Join?

Our goal is to open up our community before summer 2024 and start having more of you join us on the journey through rolling enrollment. Please join our email list to find out when we open for more applications to join us in the future. Right now, we have a waiting list of 500 and expect to be able to serve that group through 2024 and into 2025.

What does Remission Biome Cost?

The protocol, peer to peer support and all educational materials are free for all of our participants. The supplies and tests that are part of the protocol cost somewhere between $4,300-$6,000 for stages 1-6 depending on how much of your testing may be covered by your medical insurance. 

Stage 1 is personalized and has a range of expected cost. Some need more time and to add more things to stabilize and optimize their baseline prior to starting and others need less. Much can be done through diet, sleep, pacing, etc and we guide you through that. 

We have worked hard to get many deep discounts with suppliers of supplements and tests. For those that the cost of doing the protocol is a hardship, we fundraise to support a more equitable and just access to this protocol.

I thought this was open source, why can’t I just do this on my own?

Our protocol is open source and will be released in full in the near future to people in our extended community. We require that anyone who decides to do the protocol do so with the supervision of your healthcare provider. We highly advise people to do the protocol with our community for best results and access to the most resources. The best way to stay posted is to join our email list.

What resources are available inside the community?

We have an online Slack community where members engage and support each other daily, weekly support calls to ask questions, weekly small group meetings to collaborate on where you are in the protocol, online course, educational talks and seminars.

Who is Remission Biome a good fit for?

We have seen people of all levels of severity have remission events with the use of antibiotics. Our goal with our current testing is to help identify what makes it work better for people with different concerns such as reactivity, reactivated pathogens, gut dysbiosis, MCAS. The first stage of the protocol is to identify if any of these are issues for people and have them work on stabilizing them before proceeding with the full protocol.

I live in…can I join?

Our community is global. We are working to find ways for people in different countries to join and use the protocol. We have established sourcing for North America and most of Europe, but it does sometimes come with more challenges and can be a bit more expensive when something has to be imported with duty. Our goal is to break down the barriers to access.

Can I get started now with preparation?

Yes! We hope to release more information in the near future to help guide you through getting a jump start on the pre-protocol preparation. This is where we work on stabilizing our gut, managing MCAS, sleep, pacing and start tracking our daily symptoms to start to watch for reaching an optimized and stable baseline. This can be a complicated stage for some, and we offer a lot of support in the community, but for some getting started on your own will lead to meaningful baseline increases before you even begin the rest of the protocol.