Imagine, two years from now, your childhood best friend shares that they have just found out they have Long COVID. They used to be able to build transformational computer apps and spend hours every week training for triathlons.

But now, they can't remember where they left their phone, can barely walk to the kitchen from the couch where they are stuck all day, and struggle to find something to eat that doesn’t make them sick. Their doctor says all of their tests are normal and advises them to eat better and exercise.

possible future

Instead  of just wishing them well, you can refer them to our organization.

They will find a protocol that they can bring to their doctor to work with, along with a list of clinicians who are already using the protocol in their practice.

These clinicians regularly meet through round tables where they share the latest techniques for helping patients with infection associated chronic illnesses.

The protocol has been tested, and future participants are able to clearly identify if this is a good option for them to try.

Supplies are easy to obtain and affordable.

There are educational materials to help patients guide their own care with the assistance of doctors.

They will have a clear path towards achieving a better baseline, and in some cases, remission or partial recovery.

All of this from accessible treatments identified and made available through your investments in our project.

Our Funding Model

We are a philanthropically funded organization.

Our funding comes from a combination of generous donors who see the potential for us to utilize decentralized research to bypass systemic barriers with open-source and accessible solutions to create breakthroughs in scientific knowledge, diagnosis and treatments.

We're overcoming systemic barriers in healthcare


Regulatory hurdles


High costs of research and development


Lack of commercial interest


Research funding bias




Access barriers

By bringing together the best elements of patient-led research

Our model enables us to pave a path for patients who have long been locked out of access. With no approved treatments and grossly underfunded research, single interventions are tested for a multi-systemic illness that demands multi-systemic interventions.

Patients have been left to self-experiment with no guidance or safety rails, and no means to utilize or share their discoveries.

Our project brings together the best elements of patient-led research, patient self-experimentation, and patient self-managed care (or caregiver/loved one managed care for our more severe patients), aiming to catalyze innovation and breakthroughs.

Our funders see a path to make a systemic difference with our project

Our funders share some common values, even though their access to resources varies vastly.

They recognize that the current system of biomedical research is not yielding swift results or treatments easily accessible to patients, for a plethora of reasons tied up in the centralized nature of the systems, making it challenging to shake up.

They want to take action, whether because they perceive it as unjust and inefficient or because they are deeply suffering from these lackluster results as patients awaiting a path out of their disabling disease.

While there are many dedicated and highly skilled researchers committed to changing this trajectory, the necessary changes won’t come without some outside innovation intended to catalyze outcomes.

Individual Donors

We are proud to have nearly 600 individual donors from our ME/CFS and Long COVID patient and ally community, investing anywhere from $5 to $45,000. Our average donation through our GoFundMe Campaign is $55. These donations hold significant meaning for us, as we recognize that many members of the patient community are living on less than they need due to being unable to work.


Our participants fund part to all of the $4,300-6,000 (on average) that the supplies cost to self experiment following the protocol. Through your donations, we offer financial support to those who are unable to afford the entire amount for supplies, committing to equity and fair access to our protocol, and striving for better data that truly represents our community. Not only do our participants support our research project by covering some or all of their individual expenses associated with our collective self experiment, citizen science research, but they also dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort to tracking symptoms, and collecting usable data, paying it forward to future participants in the protocol.


We were honored and inspired when we discovered that we were selected to receive grants from Balvi and Kanro to fund our work. We are grateful that these grants allowed us to create the founding infrastructure of our organization and fund many of the Renegade 50 currently working through the protocol. This means that we can have a much larger dataset to share with the community. The grants poured rocket fuel on our ability to figure out how to make the protocol work better and continue testing our hypotheses.


Generous suppliers have granted significant discounts for products & testing used in the Remission Biome self-experiment protocol to our participants to reduce cost and increase access. Some have even donated free products. 

All of these contributions have been made with the understanding that our results will be open source, with no editing of results. Some offered us affiliate revenue as an additional way to fund our participants who would not have access without support.

Clinicians & Researchers

Additional support for our project has come from the much appreciated expertise of clinicians and researchers who have either donated their time or offered discounted services to our participants and project.


We’re Committed to Open-Source Results that Lead To Equitable Solutions

Our protocol and results are open source and will remain so. We have refused to accept outside funding that would require us to compromise our commitment to remaining open source.

Our long-term vision is to eliminate barriers to access so that any patient can use the protocol, even in countries traditionally receiving access long after places like the United States or Europe.

We are prepared for our next steps with the support of philanthropic organizations committed to catalyzing change through strategic investment in a smaller organization like ours, capable of making significant changes.

Transparency and Good Use of Our Funding - Creates Trust


direct protocol & patient support





Our project, Remission Biome, will soon become a 501c3 non-profit in the United States.

We're committed to being as efficient as possible with our funding. So far, we have used approximately 75% on direct protocol/patient support, 25% on organization, 0% on fundraising/advertising.

Individual Donors

Go Fund Me Campaign

71, 781 USD



23, 500 USD


249, 000 USD


Estimated amount for their supplies

111, 650 USD

[ 31 Self-funded + 16 Partially self-funded ]


Amount we saved with discounts

- 166, 200 USD


Donated Product

43, 600 USD

Affiliated Revenue

16, 116 USD

* The numbers above are relative to 2023

Let's transform research

Invest in Our Renegade Research Model for Change. Let's shake things up together! Please join us by funding our project, a soon to be 501c3 non-profit in the United States, in the following ways:

Sponsor a Participant

Sponsor a patient to self-experiment with the protocol.

Contact us via our form  or make a donation on our GoFundMe Page

6,000 USD


Make a Donation

Make a donation on our supporting our organization and contributing to our participants protocols.

From 1 USD


Fund Us

Invest in our project to scale up and support 500 more patients to trial the protocol in 2024.

Connect with our founder, Tess Falor, PhD directly on X or LinkedIn or contact us through our contact button below.

2.5M USD



Help us build a formidable decentralized research organization ready to take on more patient-led research projects, change the direction of biomedical research, and remove barriers to access to viable and efficient treatments for patients around the world.



* We welcome you to connect directly with Tess Falor, PhD, (X / LinkedIn) our founder, to talk about funding our project.

Are you a clinician or researcher?

We are thrilled to receive support from clinicians & researchers.

Ways to support us:
- Join us as a Scientific Advisor (support as you can)
- Offer discounted rates for clinical care for our participants
- Collaborate with us on research
- Present & Join at Clinician's Roundtables
- Join our team as a Clinical or Research Consultant

Are you a vendor?

Please join other generous suppliers in supporting us.

Ways to support us:
- Discounts for products & testing used in the Remission Biome self-experiment protocol
- Donate free products
- Affiliate revenue
- Direct donations
- You tell us! We are open to your ideas! 

*Please note that contributions can only be accepted with the understanding that our results will be open source, with no editing of results.

Thank you so much for your support!

Whether you have invested $5 or six figures in our project, we appreciate you and see you as part of our team.

We couldn’t do this without your belief and investments in our paradigm shifting project.

The Renegade Research Team